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The cry of the disciples to the Lord, “increase our faith,” resonates very much with us today. Is being a person of faith harder today than it has ever been? In one sense no: previous generations too had to struggle. But today has its particular challenges. For the most part, public discourse is against faith in general and against church in particular. It would be easy to lose heart. Just holding on to faith would be enough, not to mention growing!! We grow in faith by desire and by practice—desire for God and the practice of prayer. The times call us to focus on the heart of the Christian project – Jesus and the Gospel – and on the heart of discipleship – love and service.





Collection           R 7 336, 85                      Planned Giving               R 8 868, 88

Southern Cross  R    777, 00                      Candles                           R 1 794, 36

Priests Provident Fund      R 6 229, 30

Thank you for your generosity and support!


  1. HOLY HOUR TO PRAY FOR PRIESTS OF THE ARCHDIOCESE on Saturday 12th October at 16h00 in Villa Maria Shrine.


  1. OCTOBER ROSARY RALLY – At 12h00 on Saturday, 12th October, opposite the Cathedral outside Parliament. Join us together with over 1200 other rallies that will be taking place in South Africa at that time to pray for peace in our country.


  1. HIGH TEA – NAZARETH HOUSE. Sr. Margaret Craig CSN is arranging a “High Tea” in aid of the orphaned and disabled children in their care on Saturday 12th October starting at 14h00. Cost is R150 per person and you can contact Tonia Wyngaard on 021 461 1635.


  1. As part of our Fundraising efforts in the Cathedral Parish, there will be A MIDDAY CONCERT AT THE CATHEDRAL next Sunday 13th The choir performing is The Encore Chamber Choir.  Cost of the ticket is R50.00 per person and will be available at the door. Looking forward to your support.


  1. PLEASE NOTE: On Sunday, 13th October the Cape Town Chamber Choir will be singing at the 10h00 Mass at the Cathedral.


  1. Cardinal Wilfred Fox Napier invites you to attend the launch of his book The here and now Christian on Monday 14th October in the Atrium of the Chancery starting at 18h30. His Eminence is available to sign copies of his book. RSVP Dawn Haynes on 083 564 2929


  1. The Finance Department of the Archdiocese of Cape Town is looking for an Experienced, Qualified Accountant to manage and maintain its accounting records reporting to the Financial Administrator of the Archdiocese. For further information, please see the noticeboards for further information.


  1. THE SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM – Our next Baptism will be celebrated in the Cathedral on Sunday, 03 November at the 10h00 Mass. Preparation class will take place on the Thursday, 31st October at 19h00 in the precincts of the Cathedral Office.  Should you wish to baptize your child please arrange an appointment with the Priest before then.




12th Oct at 12h00         Roger Moutinho & Claudia Loureiro

07th Dec at 14h00        Sean Ferrier & Faranaaz Miller

14th Dec at 09h00        Matthew Thyssen & Michaele Theunis

14th Dec at 14h00        Carlos Yerena & Elrechia Michaels

28th Dec at 15h00        Luigi Di Martino & Heather Ford (Convalidation)


Please note that if it is your intention to get married in the Catholic Church, you need to give the Church at least SIX MONTHS notice of your intention to do so.  Please contact the Cathedral office to set up an appointment with one of the Cathedral clergy to complete the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry and to arrange the required Marriage Preparation Classes.



  • SCHOENSTATT COVENANT MASS on Friday 18th October at 19h30 at Villa Maria.




  • Please note: Mrs Carlene Weitz, the Parish Secretary, will be away on her annual leave from Monday 07th October until 25th


  • MASS FOR DECEASED BISHOPS, CLERGY, RELIGIOUS and BENEFACTORS on Thursday 31st October at 10h30 in St Michael’s Catholic Church, Rondebosch


  • This week in The Southern Cross – No place on Parish Councils for abusers; Justice & Peace tackles alcohol-related crimes; Mission in the middle of nowhere; Even Hindus love this new Saint; Why the Church is losing youth. THIS WEEK’S EDITORIAL – The outlawing of spanking



The Cathedral Parish is completely committed to ensuring the safety of our children. For further information consult the website of the Archdiocese: using the Ministries Tab or contact our Parochial Coordinator, Margie Cook on 0824618607.

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