Pastoral Council

2023 - 2026

Members of the Cathedral Pastoral Council 

  • Ms Michelle Perry
    Ms Michelle Perry Faith Formation, PFC Rep.
  • SR. Virginia Mungofa CSN
    SR. Virginia Mungofa CSN Youth
  • Ms Veronica Allen
    Ms Veronica Allen Community Development
  • Mr Zaine Perry
    Mr Zaine Perry Youth
  • Fr Robert Bissell
    Fr Robert Bissell Parish Administrator
  • Mr Dale de Windt
    Mr Dale de Windt Liturgy
  • Mr Ronald Mubaiwa
    Mr Ronald Mubaiwa Evangelisation Chairman
  • Dr Antonio Serafin
    Dr Antonio Serafin Vice Chairman (Community Engagement, Caritas)
  • Ms Margie Cook
    Ms Margie Cook Secretary, CSP Officer
  • Sr. Ann-Marie Nicholas ISSM
    Sr. Ann-Marie Nicholas ISSM Evangelisation