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At present, the culture hesitates before the long-term commitments such as life-long marriage.  Perhaps wisely!  And yet, there is freedom in commitment.  It is possible to walk the quay sides looking are various options for the journey.  At that time, you have freedom of choice.  However, if you want to get anywhere, one vessel will have to be selected.  That is the freedom of choosing, choosing not to remain in the paralysis of choice.  Once made, commitment opens up to another level of living and loving and being loved in return.


Creator God, you know our hearts and in your wisdom you have made us for each other, knowing that it is not good to be alone.  In our committed relationships, help to find freedom and love, life and joy.  Amen.


The Divine Office – Week III



           Collections            R 11 944, 85    Planned Giving                        R 10 547, 77   

           Southern Cross   R        70, 00    Priests Provident Fund        R   2 866, 50

           Thank you most sincerely for your generosity!


  1. EXTRAORDINARY SECOND COLLECTION THE WEEKEND OF 13th & 14th October – Towards a farewell gift for Father Celestine Okekeofojebe. In addition we will have a farewell and welcome for Fr. Celestine and Fr. Luigi respectively on Sunday 28th October after the 10h00 Holy Mass.  Parishioners are invited to a bring and share.


  1. THE SOUTHERN CROSS – Criminals attack priests; Be open about money, Church told; Synod on Youth: Building the future; The graces of Ireland Pilgrimage; Why do we ‘pray to saints’? EDITORIAL – The War on the Pope.


The Banns of Upcoming Marriages

 20 October @14h00            Garth Smith & Natalie Choto

20 October @ 15h00           Nicholas Hayes & Stephanie Joubert

02 November @ 14h30      Alberto-Maria Bernadi & Sonia Ramautar        Convalidation

03 November @ 12h00      David Madlala & Jodi Gordon

24 November @ 11h00      Miles Arendse & Candice Cornelissen

24 November @ 12h00      Brendan Shunmugan & Lauren Page

01 December @ 14h00      Matthew Guerreiro & Lara-Ann Ramos

15 December @ 14h00      Terence Atkins & Valnay Jones

22 December @ 11h00      Adrian de Beer & Andreina Salazar                                   Convalidation


Please note that if it is your intention to get married in the Catholic Church, you need to give the Church at least six months notice of your intent to get married. 

Please contact the Cathedral office to set up an appointment with one of the Cathedral clergy to complete the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry.



 O God, in whom we live and move, and have our being, grant us sufficient rain, so that being supplied with what sustains us in this present life,

we may seek more confidently what sustains us for eternity. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,  who lives and reigns with you in

the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.




CLERGY TRANSFER NEWS – The Archbishop has appointed Fr. Celestine Okekeofojebe as the Parish Priest of Vredenburg.  His appointment will be effective as from Wednesday 31st October.  We express our gratitude to Fr. Celestine for his ministry in the parish and wish him much success in his new appointment.  In addition, the Archbishop has appointed Fr. Luigi Benigni as the new assistant priest at the Cathedral.


ECCLESIA – The theme for the upcoming Ecclesia Season is “The Church is an Open Door” which is scheduled to start in October.  We are invited to go out into the world and to truly live the Gospel.  To join a group for the five sessions please contact either Michael Baker (082 493 8493) or Margie Cook (082 461 8607) or Ninette Irakoza (073 963 2556)


13th October at 12h00         ROSARY RALLY at Sea Point Promenade opposite Winchester Mansions.  This rally is coordinated by South Africa Needs Our Lady.  For further information please contact Sandy Bolus on 083 250 5877


19th – 21st October               MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER WEEKEND at Maryland Retreat Centre in Hanover Park.  You may contact Graham and Patuele Maart on 076 930 3818 and 084 502 3805 respectively.  Application forms are available through the Cathedral Office.


21st October                          MISSION SUNDAY will be celebrated at the weekend masses. Please note that we will have a second collection at all the weekend masses of the 20th & 21st October.  ERUB’s Children’s Choir will be singing at the 10h00 Holy Mass.


27th October                          ROYAL SCHOOL OF CHURCH MUSIC will be having a workshop in the Cathedral from 14h00 until 17h00.  Thereafter, the participants will be doing the music ministry at the 18h00 Holy Mass.


01st November at 11h00     ANNUAL MASS FOR DECEASED CLERGY, RELIGIOUS AND BENEFACTORS at St Michael’s Catholic Church, Rondebosch.


24th – 25th November           MORTUARY LIST SECOND COLLECTION.  Please note that during the month of November you will be afforded the opportunity to submit names of your deceased relatives and friends to be added to the Parish’s Mortuary List.  Weekly masses are celebrated in the parish for their repose.


01st December at 10h30     WORLD AIDS DAY  – The Archdiocesan Healthcare Association invites everyone to join them for the Celebration of Holy Mass on Saturday 01st December at the Cathedral to pray for all those who are either affected or infected by HIV/AIDS





Please note that for our Christmas Midnight Mass this year at The Metropolitan Cathedral, the mass setting is Messe Solenelle, Opus 16 by Louis Vierne

Composed in 1899 and published in 1900, it was first performed at Saint-Sulpice, Paris in December 1901.













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