THE CATHEDRAL: Currently by appointment only
NAZARETH HOUSE: Thursdays before the First Friday of each month 09h15 – 10h00 or anytime on request.


COMMUNION TO THE SICK IN THE PARISH – Is there someone in your family who is sick at home or in hospital, kindly contact any of the parish clergy will arrange

for the Sacraments of the Anointing of the Sick and Holy Communion.




 The First Reading

Revelation 7: 2 – 4, 9 – 14               


The Responsorial Psalm

Psalm 24 (23): 2 – 4, 47, 51


R/ Lord, this is the people that longs to see your face.


The LORD’S are the earth and its fullness;

the world and those who dwell in it.  For he founded it upon the seas

and established it upon the rivers.  R/.


Who can ascend the mountain of  the LORD?

Or who may stand in his holy place?  One whose hands are sinless,

whose heart is clean, who desires not what is vain.  R/.


He shall receive a blessing from the LORD,

a reward from God his saviour.  Such is the race that seeks him,

that seeks the face of the God of  Jacob.  R/.


The Second Reading                  

1 John 3: 1 – 3 

The Gospel Reading                  

Matthew 5: 1 – 12    

 Thought for the day

Today we celebrate the community of faith, being in communion with all the saints, a day of both thanksgiving and vision.  Thanks-giving because of the example and inspiration of the saints, who have come to maturity, to the measure of the full stature of Christ (Ephesians 4:13).  Vision because our Gospel today describes the path we must take to make the same journey home to God.  If we wish to join the saints both now and into eternity, we must make our own the “mission statement” of Jesus, which is the Sermon on the Mount and especially the opening invitation to true happiness.


Jesus you are our teacher within and today we ask your help. Just as you have brought our brothers and sisters to full maturity in you, so also guide us and be with us as we walk your Way. By your grace, may we too be counted among the saints in the present moment and in the life to come. Amen.



Collection                 R 1 313, 40                   Planned Giving                 R 10 599, 99

2021 Calendars       R      40, 00




  1. LITURGICAL CALENDARS FOR 2021 are on sale now for R20 each.


  1. PLEASE NOTE: That for the next two months Fr Rohan will be supplying in the Parish of Vredenburg. Since the parish consists of five churches in five areas, he will assist Bishop Emeritus Francisco de Gouveia, who is resident in Langebaan, with the celebration of their weekend masses. 


The Chancery wish to thank the Cathedral parishioners for their sacrifice during this time of transition until a new Parish Priest is appointed to the Vredenburg Parish.


  1. Fr Luigi Benigni will be away on his annual leave and Retreat from 20th October to 26th


  1. BAPTISMS – Those who wish to have their children baptised, please contact the Cathedral Office so that arrangements can be made for instructions and the celebration of the Sacrament. Current Covid rules decree that no group baptisms will take place but only one child per celebration.


  1. MORTUARY LISTS – A SECOND COLLECTION FOR THE MORTUARY LIST OF 2021 will be held on the weekend of 21st & 22nd Please forward your new Mortuary Lists to  The Cathedral Clergy will celebrate weekly Holy Masses for the repose of all the faithful departed. Mass Stipends can be deposited in the Parish Bank Account with the reference MOR



 Name      St Mary’s Cathedral            Branch 020909                     Acc Nº 071 564 780


 Please note that if it is your intention to get married in the Catholic Church, you need to give the Church at least SIX MONTHS notice of your intention to do so.  Please contact the Cathedral office to set up an appointment with one of the Cathedral clergy to complete the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry and to arrange the required Marriage Preparation Classes.


Monday 02 November

All Souls

Isaiah 25:6-9  What is going to happen when we die?  Isaiah offers us a picture of the hospitality of God towards all when life is over.  The banquet will be wonderful and the welcome incomparable – not just because the food will be excellent but more deeply because God will destroy death for ever. This could be just a dream but we know it has already happened in and through the great events that gave us new life in Christ.


Romans 5:5-11 Paul reflects on the death of Jesus – and you might notice the pile-up of positive images: we are loved, saved, reconciled, filled with joyful trust in God. One phrase might disturb: the mention of God’s “anger.”  The word reflects Jewish apocalyptic.  It points to good anger, that is, God’s emotional energy for justice and reconciliation.


Matthew 11:25-30 Our reading is in two parts and, most likely, it has been chosen for today on account of the second paragraph.  What an invitation!  Is anyone excluded?


Tuesday 03 November

St Martin de Porres

Philippians 2:5-11 This hymn, cited by Paul, was most likely in use among the Philippians.  He presents it here because he wants them “to have the same mind that was in Christ Jesus.”


Luke 14:15-24 The parable of the Great Banquet survives in two independent versions.  It most likely goes back to Jesus: this is his prophetic word to God’s first chosen people, who did not accept him.


Wednesday 04 November

St Charles Borromeo

Philippians 2:12-18  It is worth noticing how Paul encourages the Philippians – a generous but not perfect community – to continue to grow.  He always builds in the present (“indicative”) while commanding a deeper engagement (“imperative”). Affirmation, then encouragement.


Luke 14:25-33  Unfinished building projects are not just a scar on the landscape but shame on the builder.  The message in this Gospel is clear: be sure you are able for discipleship before setting out – it really is not for the faint-hearted.


Thursday 05 November

Philippians 3:3-8  Paul is dealing with those who wish to retain significant parts of the Jewish law, such as circumcision.  In the course of his reply, we learn a great deal about Paul himself.


Luke 15:1-10 Two short parables are offered today – short but significant.  The open verses introducing the parables are a key to their meaning.


Friday 06 November

All Saints of Africa

Philippians 3:17- 4:1

Luke 16:1-8


Saturday 07 November

Philippians 4:10-19 Paul usually declines financial support but his affection for the Philippians and their obvious attachment to him lead him to accept their generous gift.


Luke 16:9-15 Our Gospel passage is about something we all deal with and touch everyday: money. Following on the parable of the unjust steward of yesterday, the opening words of today’s Gospel are surely.



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