The First Reading

Isaiah 45:1, 4 – 6             


The Responsorial Psalm

Psalm 96 (95):1, 3, 5, 7 – 10


R/ Give the Lord glory and power.


O sing a new song to the LORD; sing to the LORD, all the earth.  Tell among the nations his glory, and his wonders among all the

peoples.  R/.


For the LORD is great and highly

to be praised,

to be feared above all gods.

For the gods of the nations are


It was the LORD who made the

heavens.  R/.


Give the LORD, you families of


give the LORD glory and power; give the LORD the glory of his


Bring and offering and enter his

courts.  R/.


Worship the LORD in holy


O tremble before him, all the earth.  Say to the nations, “The LORD is


He will judge the people in fairness.



The Second Reading                  

1 Thessalonians 1: 1 – 5 


The Gospel Reading                  

Matthew 22: 15 – 21    


Thought for the day


The community of faith – the church – does not exists of and for itself. We belong to the church because of God’s own mission to all of humanity.  As we share this mission, we recognise that the project is not “ours” in a double sense.  It is God’s project, first and foremost.  Even more, the Spirit is already at work ahead of us in everything and everyone.  Our missionary task is more nuanced: as we recognise the Spirit at work in our own lives, we hope to help others come to the same realisation and ownership, the same love and hope.



God, Father, Son and Spirit: show us how to be bearers of your mission, your love, your Good News in our time.  May we live wholeheartedly what we have received that others may be drawn to your embrace.  Amen.



Collection         R 1 481, 00                        Planned Giving                 R 2 619, 99


  1. SECOND COLLECTION – This weekend we have a Pontifical Second Collection for Mission Sunday towards those working in mission territories. In these difficult times if you are able to give to this collection, we thank you for your generosity in this regard.


  1. PLEASE NOTE: That for the next two months Fr Rohan will be supplying in the parish of Vredenburg. Since the parish consists of five churches in five areas, he will assist Bishop Francisco de Gouveia, who is resident in Langebaan, with the celebration of their weekend masses. 


The Chancery wish to thank the Cathedral parishioners for their sacrifice during this time of transition until a new Parish Priest is appointed to the Vredenburg Parish.


  1. Fr Luigi Benigni will be away on his annual leave and Retreat from 20th October to 26th


  1. BAPTISMS – Those who wish to have their children baptised, please contact the Cathedral Office so that arrangements can be made for instructions and the celebration of the Sacrament. Current Covid rules decree that no group baptisms will take place but only one child per celebration.


Please note that if it is your intention to get married in the Catholic Church, you need to give the Church at least SIX MONTHS notice of your intention to do so.  Please contact the Cathedral office to set up an appointment with one of the Cathedral clergy to complete the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry and to arrange the required Marriage Preparation Classes.


Acknowledgement – Picture taken from


Monday 19 October St John Brébeuf and companions, martyrs


Ephesians 2:1-10  Our reading contrasts our life apart from faith and our life now in Jesus. There is a great reminder of just who we are in the phrase “you are God’s work of art” (JB).

Luke 12:13-21 There is a prayer in the psalms which runs, “Lord make us know the shortness of our life.” Usually, we need no reminding, but, as we heart the Gospel, sometimes we do, as we listen to Jesus, the teaching of wisdom.


Tuesday 20 October


Ephesians 2:12-22  It might seem that the concerns of this reading are confined to the first century: the communion of Jews and Gentiles in Christ. It is much greater than that: God was reaching out to all of humanity without distinction, showing us how much he loves us.

Luke 12:35-38  Parables of watchfulness are not uncommon but this one contains a major role reversal: the master will put on an apron, sit them down at table and wait on his own slaves. The story of the washing of the feet in John’s Gospel comes to mind as does another sentence from Jesus: “For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45).


Wednesday 21 October

Ephesians 3:2-12  Sometimes, we can be so at home in the faith that a sense of wonder and transcendence may no longer be present. Our reading today should restore our feelings of awe before the mystery of our life in Christ.

Luke 12:39-48  The Gospel reading – from the “gentle” Luke – is both comforting and uncomfortable. It is comforting: fidelity will be rewarded. It is uncomfortable: there are consequences to our choices. Originally, it was aimed at disciples who had become complacent about God’s mercy. This may well be a risk to day as well.


Thursday 22 October St John Paul II, bishop of Rome

Ephesians 3:14-21  The writer bursts into prayer-and what a prayer! The reading lifts up our eyes from the everyday to see just how marvellous our life in Christ really is.

Luke 12:49-53  There is a strange juxtaposition of images at the start of this Gospel: fire and water. Fire points to purification and judgement, part of the tradition proclamation of the Kingdom of God. Water points to Jesus’ own role in the coming of that Kingdom. The verses which follow reflect early Christian experience. When a family member becomes a disciple, often this created difficulties with society in general and family in particular. This is becoming the case again today.


Friday 23 October St John of Capistrano, priest


Ephesians 4:1-6  Even in earliest Christianity, conflict was the normal experience. Normal doesn’t mean acceptable and so the advice given here applies today as much as ever before.

Luke 12:54-59  The first part of today’s short Gospel is a clear invitation to read the signs of the times and not to miss the moment of grace. The second part is more of a puzzle. Why did Jesus talk about taking your opponent to court? Firstly, it does reflect culture of Palestine at the time. Secondly, it teaching that now is the time to accept the gift of reconciliation already achieved in Jesus.


Saturday 24 October St Anthony Mary Claret, bishop

Ephesians 4:7-16  What does it mean to be part of the body of Christ? It means enjoying the different gifts so that flourishing individually we may grow in love.

Luke 13:1-9  Again, we have a reading in two parts. The first part is severe warning: you cannot tell when you life will end. We know this for our own experience of the unpredictable. The second part is a parable of “second chance.” Again, it does speak of a second opportunity, but now is the time. See, now is the acceptable time; see, now is the day of salvation! (2 Corinthians 6:2)


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