Fr Rohan and Fr Luigi have requested that those parishioners wanting to return to Mass as from Sunday 19th July 2020 need to sign up. This can be done by phoning the presbytery (021) 462-2586 or the cathedral office (021) 461-1167 or emailing they will confirm with you when you may return.

You will have to answer certain health related questions from the priests before they consider your return. This is for your own safety.

Due to the ruling from Archbishop Stephen Brislin we may not have more than 6 parishioners attending Mass at any given time, so it’s a case of first to sign up gets to attend first. We ask that for this reason you take your fellow parishioners into consideration as many are wanting to return.

A list will be drawn up accordingly, strict COVID -19 regulations will be in place. Your temperature will be taken and your hands will be sanitized before entering the Church. Social distancing  and wearing of a mask  is compulsory. You may only sit in the demarcated spaces laid out in the pews. No mask means no entry. If you are over 60 or have flu like symptoms or are slightly ill, you are encouraged not to attend. Only the names on the list that Fr Rohan and Fr Luigi have confirmed will be allowed to attend Mass.

We ask that you share this notice with those parishioners that are not on Facebook or do not have access to our website.

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