Today we are greatly helped by the wonderful Gospel of the Woman at the Well.  On the third attempt, Jesus finally gets through to her but after that there is no stopping her.  As Augustine teaches, she represents us: what do I thirst for?  What is the most important thing in my life?  Where do I now find God?  By relentless challenge and resolute honesty, we too can be led to that encounter with Jesus, which changes everything, “giving life a new horizon and a decisive direction.”  May we come to believe because we have heard him ourselves and we know that he really is the saviour of the world.


In the midst of the ordinary things, loving God, you call us to the deeper realities: your thirst for us and our thirst for you. Never let us be satisfied, until we come to the springs of living water, welling up for eternal life.





Collection                       R 7 001, 50           Planned Giving                   R 1 938, 88

Southern Cross            R    120, 00           Lenten Appeal WK II        R 4 047, 00

Thank you for your generosity and support!


  1. THE DEVOTION OF THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS will be held in all three Mass Centres on the Fridays of Lent, starting at 18h00.


  1. LENTEN PENITENTIAL SERVICE ON THURSDAY 02 APRIL 2020 at 19h00. The venue is Nazareth House Main Chapel


  1. THE SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM – Our next Baptism will be celebrated on Sunday, 03rd MAY 2020. The date of the Preparation class will be on Thursday 30th April at 19h00.  Should you wish to baptize your child please arrange an appointment with the Priest before then.


  1. PUBLIC LECTURE: 17th March at 19h00, St Michael’s Catholic Church in Rondebosch by Dr Jan Jans, from Tilburg University on Querida Amazonia: A Case of Jesuitism? Unpacking issues and controversies sparked by the post-synodal apostolic exhortation “Beloved Amazon” of Pope Francis (dated 2nd February 2020).


  1. Wool has arrived for those who are willing to offer their time and talent to knit or crochet for babies (jerseys, beanies and booties for new-borns), elderly (knee blankets, beanies and bed socks) and children and adult beanies. Please contact Anik Broadhurst on 021 439 6987 or 083 977 1099 to organize delivery of wool.


  1. THE YOUNG ADULTS GROUP is extending an invitation to all the youth of the parish to join the group. For those willing to join, they may contact their chairman, Takudzwa Gutsa, on phone 071 080 7485.



Please note that if it is your intention to get married in the Catholic Church, you need to give the Church AT LEAST SIX MONTHS NOTICE of your intention to do so.  Please contact the Cathedral office to set up an appointment with one of the Cathedral clergy to complete the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry and to arrange the required Marriage Preparation Classes.




04th Apr at 14h00               Chester Kruger & Lisa Schaffers

18th Apr at 10h30                Leslie Adigbo & Nnennia Ejebe

02nd May at 14h00              Marco Caldeira & Genevieve da Silva

06th June at 11h00              Mark Lemki & Jacqueline Kombe

25th July at 14h00               Steve Davids & Loren Newman



 Dear parishioners and all visitors,

Considering the seriousness of the Coronavirus we wish to take precautions in this regard and to exercise great care in creating a worship space which is safe – especially for those who have impaired immune systems.  Due to a new policy document, dated 04th March 2020, the following will be implemented with immediate effect in our worship:


(1) No Holy Water in any fonts.  The Rite of Asperges (the sprinkling of Holy Water) to be used instead.


(2) No more shaking and holding of hands.  There will be no more shaking of hands during the sign of peace or holding of hands during the Lord’s Prayer.


(3) Reception of the Eucharist on the hand.  We request that Holy Communion be received on the hand.  Where it is necessary to give communion on the tongue, care must be taken to avoid touching saliva.


(4) No more reception of the Chalice.  For the Communion Rite, distribution of Holy Communion will only be received under one species.


(5) Coughing and sneezing on your arm.  Try to avoid sneezing into your hands or into the air.


This will certainly be a period of adjustment for all of us and we implore your patience and understanding in this regard.  In the meantime, we continue to offer prayers for all those infected and affected by the coronavirus.




  • NAZARETH HOUSE FAITH SHARING GROUP will meet on Thursdays at 10h00. For information phone Greg Landman 082 598 4095


  • THE SAINT VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY OF THE PARISH urgently requires non-perishable food and toiletries for their pantry. Any assistance in that regard will be greatly appreciated.  Please contact Mrs Gail Bester, Local President of the SVP on 072 591 8812.


  • NAZARETH HOUSE CAPE TOWN is looking for volunteers to help in the Charity Shop. If you can give them some of your time, they would be very grateful.  Please contact the Sister Superior, Sr. Gladys Kubai CSN on 021 461 1635.




We would like to draw your attention to the Fundraising Project for the Cathedral Parish.  It is Liturgical in nature, specifically to raise funds to purchase new Cassocks and Surplices for the Altar Servers.  We call on your generous support in the coming months.


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