We tend to think of the first disciples as somehow “clergy” with a call special to them.  But that is not adequate.  Jesus is first of all calling disciples; that is ordinary people, including ourselves. Discipleship includes experience, learning and risk.  What experiences have brought me this far?  What have I learned and am I still learning?  How about the call to “put out into the deep”? Is the Lord asking of me a deeper following, both costly and life-giving?  How am I responding?  Is there something in me hesitating and holding back?  Do I need to hear again the words, “Do not be afraid”?


God of surprises, help us to take the risk of following Jesus on a path of discipleship costing “not less than everything.”  Help us to let go, that we may live the Gospel fully and richly.  





Collections              R 12 428, 25                Planned Giving            R  8 657, 77

Southern Cross     R       980, 30               Holy Childhood            R  4 072, 30

Votive Candles      R   2 177, 40     

Thank you most sincerely for your generosity!

 ** Please note that the next series of Second Collections will commence on the weekend of 09th & 10th March which will be in aid of the Lenten Appeal **


Please note that if it is your intention to get married in the Catholic Church, you need to give the Church at least six months notice of your intent to get married.  Please contact the Cathedral office to set up an appointment with one of the Cathedral clergy to complete the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry.



10th February                BAPTISMS AT THE 08h45 HOLY MASS  

17th February                ANNUAL MASS FOR THE SICK at the Schoenstatt Retreat Centre, Constantia.  Mass starts at 11h30  

23rd February                An Introductory Session for anyone interested in Discerning for the Priesthood or Religious Life or

maybe just curious about what such a vocation might entail.  The venue is the Chancery (Cathedral Place), behind the Cathedral and it will be from 10h00 until 12h30.

For further information please contact Father Manuel Fernandes SAC on 074 282 4307

01st March                    St Mary’s Primary School Mass at 08h30 in the Cathedral.  

02nd March                    Royal School of Church Music is presenting a workshop on the basics of the Organ.  The presenters are Colleen Hart and Luther Lange.

The venue is St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Chiappini Street, Green Point.  RSCM Members is R30 (including refreshments) and non-members R50 (including refreshments).

Please book by 27th February via email  

03rd March                    SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM AT THE 10h00 HOLY MASS.  Parents and guardians must please register their children for baptism to any of

the Cathedral Clergy.  The Instruction Class will be on Thursday 28th February in the Cathedral Hall, commencing at 19h00.  

05th March                    SHROVE TUESDAY – Our traditional Pancake Evening  will take place in the Parish Room at Nazareth House from 17h30 to 20h30.

Donations of wine, cool drinks, paper plates, serviettes will be most welcome.  If you are willing to help serve, flip pancakes, make pancakes at home or supply the batter or a filling,

please contact Hanne or Peter Sangiorgio on 021 461 0479 after 18h00. 

06th March          ASH WEDNESDAY – The times of Holy Masses are:

                                  06h45               Villa Maria

07h00               Nazareth House

09h00               The Cathedral

13h10               The Cathedral

19h00               The Cathedral

18th August                   PLEASE NOTE that the Cologne Metropolitan Cathedral Mädchenchor (Female Choir) will be visiting South Africa in August and they will

be singing at the 17h00 Holy Mass here at the Cathedral.  They will also give a short concert after the 17h00 Holy Mass.



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