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If you were to wish people a happy new year today, they would in all probability find it awkward. Nevertheless, we do start a new Christian year with the season of Advent. The different seasons reminds of important aspects of being Christian, one of which is the conviction that we may always begin again and start new. Last Sunday, we looked back and today we look forward: what are my hopes for the coming Christian year? How am I now? How would like to be, as a person of faith, this time next year? What steps will I take to make that a reality?


 O God, we believe that your mercies are new every morning and that your faithfulness is abundant. Come to our help as we start afresh our path of discipleship in this season of longing.



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Thank you most sincerely for your generosity! 

  1. THE SOUTHERN CROSS – Why Catholic Charity (CWD) shut down; The cost of training guide dogs; Young Catholic leader on spreading the Faith; Why Mary was born without sin; Fr Rolheiser: Our path to heaven. EDITORIAL – How to survive the secular Christmas Season.
  1. PLEASE NOTE THAT LITURGICAL CALENDARS FOR 2019 are on sale at R20 each.

The Banns of Upcoming Marriages

 15 December @ 14h00            Terence Atkins & Valnay Jones

22 December @ 11h00            Adrian de Beer & Andreina Salazar      Convalidation

12 January     @ 14h00           Enrique Jaipal & Kim Riley

Please note that if it is your intention to get married in the Catholic Church, you need to give the Church at least six months notice of your intent to get married.  Please contact the Cathedral office to set up an appointment with one of the Cathedral clergy to complete the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry.



08th Dec. at 09h00        NAZARETH HOUSE GARDEN MARKET.  All proceeds will go towards purchasing nappies for 40 children with severe disabilities that are dependent on them.  Thank you for your support in this regard.

08th Dec. at 19h30        CHRISTMAS CONCERT AT THE CATHEDRAL.  Entrance Fee/Tickets is R50 per person 

09th Dec. at 19h00        ADVENT CAROLS AND LESSONS at the Cathedral, led by the Choir of St Michael’s and All Angels Anglican Church, Observatory.

13th Dec. at 18h00        ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CONCERT HOSTED BY THE ITALIAN CONSULATE followed by a short reception in the Leslie Johnson Memorial Centre.

20th Dec. at 19h00        PARISH PENITENTIAL SERVICE at Nazareth House Main Chapel

24th Dec. at 23h30       Advent Carols and Lessons               Cathedral

                                         Advent Carols and Lessons               Nazareth House

25th Dec. at 00h00       MIDNIGHT MASS                                 Cathedral

                                        MIDNIGHT MASS                                 Nazareth House

25th Dec. at 07h30       Christmas Day Mass                             Villa Maria

                  at 08h45       Christmas Day Mass                            Nazareth House

                  at 10h00       Christmas Day Mass                            The Cathedral 

26th Dec. at 08h00        Holy Mass                                               Villa Maria

                   at 09h00       Holy Mass                                               Nazareth House 

27th December              Normal Mass times resume until 31st December 2018 

31st Dec.  at 23h55       Holy Mass                                                Cathedral 

01st Jan.  at 08h00       Holy Mass                                               Villa Maria

                  at 09h00       Holy Mass                                               Nazareth House 

02nd January                Normal Mass times resumes in all three Mass Centres



A parishioner is requesting assistance with the following items: Gas or Electrical Stove, Fridge/Freezer Combination, Two Single Beds, Wardrobe, Washing Machine.

They have recently moved from a furnished place to an unfurnished one.  If you are able to assist in any way, please contact Mrs Gail Bester, SVP President – Cathedral on 072 591 8812

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