Pastoral Council

2016 – 2019

Members of the Cathedral Pastoral Council 

  • Prof Mmaki Jantjies
    Prof Mmaki Jantjies
  • Mr Takudzwa Gutsa
    Mr Takudzwa Gutsa
  • Mr Dale de Windt
    Mr Dale de Windt
  • Ms Annemarie Roodbol
    Ms Annemarie Roodbol Secretary
  • Mr Ronald Mubaiwa
    Mr Ronald Mubaiwa Vice Chairman
  • Dr Antonio Serafin
    Dr Antonio Serafin Chairman
  • Rev. Fr. Luigi Benigni
    Rev. Fr. Luigi Benigni
    • Michelle Perry
      Michelle Perry Vice-Chairperson
    • Margie Cook
      Margie Cook
    • Dair Servais
      Dair Servais
    • Sr. Gladys Kubai CSN
      Sr. Gladys Kubai CSN Sister
    • Sr. Ann-Marie Nicholas ISSM
      Sr. Ann-Marie Nicholas ISSM
    • Monica Chiro
      Monica Chiro
    • Ian Mitchell
      Ian Mitchell Chairman
    • Rev. Stephen Armstrong
      Rev. Stephen Armstrong Reverend
    • The Very Rev. Rohan Smuts
      The Very Rev. Rohan Smuts Priest